01. Association Mgmt
02. Konference Mgmt
03. Meeting Mgmt
04. Exhibition Mgmt
05. Incentive Travel Mgmt
06. Consulting Services

01. Association Management

Professional associations have goals and objectives. In order to achieve them, they collaborate with trusted partners that help them with a myriad of tasks such as fundraising, marketing, events planning and production, financial planning, campaigns, program planning and more. It may seem like a lot, but ambitious associations are focused on accomplishment. At the end, it all comes down to effective management – and choosing the best right-hand team to help get the job done.

02. Konference Management

MIKE organizes and manages your conference pro-actively - from beginning to end. Take advantage of our resources and experience. Our professional teams will organize, coordinate the logistics and deliver your conference - with outstanding service and passion for detail.

03. Meeting Management

Meetings are an integral part of any corporate company as they are important for discussing various agendas or resolving some issues and on top of that, selecting the right corporate meeting organizers for corporate meeting management is even more important and we understand the importance of meetings for a company hence we put in our 100% for corporate meeting management requirement of customers and deliver results beyond expectation. We offer a wide choice of locations to select from and will provide all facilities from the beginning till the end which includes transportation, accommodation, entertainment, catering, tours and services as well as necessary requisites in the form of AV equipment, stationary and quick assistance.

04. Exhibition Management

Exhibition management has become an integral part of our service offering to trade and industry conferences in INDIA. We undertake research, offer advice, and provide the planning and management to ensure a successful exhibition event for both the delegates and exhibitors.

05. Incentive Travel Management

Incentive trips are the much awaited trips and every employee wants it to be perfect. For an employee, incentive trip is like a dream come true and it's not only a reward for the hardworking employees but it also works towards the betterment of the brand image.

Selecting a good location is as vital as selecting a good corporate incentive travel planners.

06. Consulting Services

With extensive experience acquired over the last 5 years, MIKE offers a specialist strategic consultancy service, including but not limited to the following key areas of international and national association conferencing.